David S Glynn
David S Glynn
Product Technology Innovator

David S Glynn


I build innovative technology products for professional services

I have been a creative force in the technology world since 1994 when I joined Law Bulletin Media as a Marketing/Product Development Manager.  I came from the legal profession/client side of products and as a subject matter expert I could help Law Bulletin Media to better meet their customers' needs. As a creative thought technology leader, I have designed and led several application projects from start to finish. My latest project was a B to B cloud based SaaS web application that successfully supports three different stakeholders: law firm clients, publishers and back office data entry processors.  

I have been a Vice President responsible for technology product development since 2011. It's been a fun road. I love my job and it's different every single day.

Prior to joining Law Bulletin Media, I was a legal administrator for a boutique law firm in Chicago.  My background included experience as a docket manager in litigation support.  I was responsible for training new attorneys and showing them around the courthouse. I was able to translate that background and knowledge to the product side of the practice when the time came to join Law Bulletin Media.


Growing up in the courthouse led to product development

I spent the bulk of my time from the 1980's to the early 1990's at the Chicago courthouses handling the bustling dockets of Chicago law firms. It gave me a great understanding of the efficiencies and inefficiencies of government offices. I was also an early adopter of the DM2000 product from Law Bulletin Media (then "Publishing Company"), a green-screen data entry product that I was later to develop into two successive generations.  My first project at LBM was to move the DEC-based green screen terminal-based RMS product to a client-server, thin client - TCP/IP secure connection to an Oracle database. It was ahead of its time from a functionality standpoint.  Several competitors attempted to imitate the product unsuccessfully.


Valid experience and authenticity fills a need

In my initiation to the world of technology product development other products required my help at Law Bulletin Media that involved legal research. The Law Bulletin's AccessPlus product provided court docket data information combined with unique content.  Combining Big Data with unique content and making it searchable before the advent of Google was a challenge.  Not only was the content unique, it had deep index terms under the hood.  I worked with development teams and a solid subject matter expert to make it one of the company's most successful products greatly increasing revenue for the company.  This product is still successful and alive today inside of LawyerPort.


The establishment of a division - more work to be done

In 1998, Law Bulletin Media established a product development division to be led by me.  The charge was to look beyond the Information Network division and begin reviewing all company products for digital distribution lines. Projects that I led included the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin Online, REJournals Online, LawBulletin.com, Index Publishing (Zoning, Building, Electrical Code) and moving several other titles to the Web and New Media. I also led some acquisition projects, wrote and assessed RFPs for circulation and content management systems and ran various company divisions.


Second calling for the next generation

As life seems to always go full-circle and technologies greatly change and improve, I was called to advance the DM2000 product to the next generation. DM2000 was always a SaaS product, but now the opportunity to take advantage of cloud technologies, the full-functionality available from JAVA, agile development, mobile and a very experienced SME team made the new product, JuraLaw, a golden opportunity. And there are always more opportunities around the corner. You can read move about specific projects in the case studies section of this site.